DibAfric brings you different kinds of talk show content aimed to engage our customers and designers. On our website, we offer: Advertising opportunities – clients can approach us and we talk about their products and sell them through our platforms.
Below are some of our shows and when they happen. Click to access the shows.

Spotlight Sundays offer a platform for people of interest such as designers, stylists, etc. to get interviewed and be featured on our various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc brought to you every Sunday.

Turnout Tuesdays offer our clients an opportunity to post themselves wearing our products on our various social media platforms every Tuesday.

Wish Wednesdays brings you the opportunity where “You Wish it and we dish it” to you every Wednesday. We interview all kinds of people, listen to your wishes and then identify how we can make your wish a reality through DibAfric products and services.

And then, we have our bi-weekly #FashionForwardFriday, where we focus on fashion trends, runways, etc posted on YouTube.

Unleash Your Character aims to show how people can express their character and be themselves growing their self-esteem using the services of DibAfric to happen on the last Friday of every month.

The Chat: Different CEOs including that of DibAfric come together to speak on several selected topics meant to inspire, educate, and clarify misconceptions twice a month.

The CEO is a show where the DibAfric CEO interacts with followers, talks around inspiring topics suggested by fans, and complementary discussions around DibAfric partners. She answers your questions and reacts to comments momentarily. This happens once every month.

* Other forums: DibAfric is also opened to partner with other talk shows to share its work, brand, and services we offer or any other related topic.

Spotlight Sunday

Turnout Tuesday

Wish Wednesday

Unleash Your Character

The Chat


Other Forums

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