Our Board

Fatoumata Dibba – CEO

Fatoumata Dibba is the current CEO & founder of DibAfric with strong humanitarian values.

The DibAfric platform was born out of her quick wit & strong project management skills in working with the right group of professionals.

Two things inspired the creation of DibAfric. The first, the need to help entrepreneurs climb Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The second emanated from the burning desire to provide a platform to generate income for people of color who were laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Mother of three upcoming CEOs, MBA holder & a fellow of the ACCA with strong experience in the financial services industry, Fatoumata works as a Financial Advisor in one of the biggest organizations on Wall Street in USA. She enjoys dancing, singing, & cooking. Fatoumata’s favorite quote, “each one, teach one” & demonstrating values has been her driving force since inception.