DibAfric is an e-commerce platform that provides a virtual marketplace to promote trade between a network of entrepreneurs and the international market.

Our Company promotes multicultural interaction between various entrepreneurs that have signed up with us across the globe.

Our values

Our values are founded under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where we facilitate the climb to attain self-actualization for both our staff, partners, and customers.

The aim is to create a source of income for the sellers, promote creativity, celebrate culture, and create accessibility to such products wherever you are. Products ranging from traditional to modern Afrocentric designs like clothing to accessories, art to beauty, and other branded items.

Oh, what better way to appreciate Black excellence – through culture and empowering small businesses to grow!

At Operational Level

DibAfric helps link small companies to opportunities that will spur their businesses to grow. We do this by marketing companies through our website and expose them to international runways/exhibitions, promote through talk shows, videos/magazines, and runways.

At Tactical Level

We collaborate with similar organizations like ours to organize events like runways and other cultural events to give our audience an exquisite client experience.

Strategy Level

We work with non-profits and large organizations by facilitating some or all of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. Our initiatives help to create an environment in which employees feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued. This creates an inclusive feel for employees and provides a competitive edge for employers.  Our fashion designers are available to redesign cultural uniforms for companies like airlines.